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Recruitment – we have jobs as escorts always available. EscortsofSurrey is hiring escorts with jobs every night guaranteed.

Dear ladies,

This page is for you. We hope you are very well while reading this. No matter where this finds you, and where you are coming from, we would like to hear from you soon. Please give us a call with any questions you might have. You can ask us anything about this amazing industry of Surrey escorts and we are ready to answer them. Perhaps you would like to try working as one of the ladies and just give it a try with us. If you are feeling lonely on a weekend night? You could come and have some fun with us, get some classy dinner and wine, and if you wish to go further while you are getting paid decent money, of course. The average girl working with gets at least £300 and more, it’s all up to you. And that is just for one amazing unforgettable night! They if you like it, if you like the money and the fun was good enough for you, you could work again. You diced if you want to work with us as Surrey escorts for one night, few nights a week or full time.

Maybe you are visiting the United Kingdom for a holiday and have few free days. Wondering what to do, but don’t have much money to feel the glamour of the live here. Give us a call and we will give you the opportunity of a lifetime to earn some good amount of money to cover your travel costs and bring great savings home. Some ladies cash up to £15000 in 4 weeks, that’s the average yearly earnings of many people who work hard labour. But Surrey escorts can still do all the sightseeing daytime and won’t use the tube, instead they are being driven around in a limousine with a private chauffeur.

Well, there is a big chance that you are one of millions who come here to look for a job? This is your lucky day! You just found the best job a lady can have. Escort job can change your life quickly and permanently into exciting and glamourous experience. Earn a lot of cash while being a classy companion to decent gentlemen in Surrey.

We are happy to have a trial shift with us just to check how it all works. We are sure to amaze you how easy money can be earned. Girls enjoy the Surrey escorts job, simply because they don’t need to work hard to get cash in their pocket and the environment in the agency EscortsOFSurrey is very friendly. You simply wake up the morning after with full wallet.

Great news for the girls like you! EscortsOfSurrey is hiring now and always new ladies. We are recruiting ladies, who are aged between 18 to 35 to join our friendly team. We hope the word “friendly” is part of your identity. We and our customers would love if you are smiley and chatty. The rest is our job to do. We can get you started as soon as you are ready to. We insist to arrange a professional photo session for you free of charge to show the best, sexiest part of you. Then you will get an assigned chauffeur to drive you around and to bring you to the appointments and back.

Since we are recruiting Surrey escorts now please give us a call on 011111111 or email us at See what information we need from you and how to apply underneat.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Escorts Of Surrey is an established and busy Surrey based escorts agency and we are always looking for new girls to work as escorts with us. To keep the agency nice and interesting for everyone new faces are always welcome. To apply for an escort job and to go forward with a very rewarding opportunity with EscortsOfSurrey please email us the requested information about you bellow and attach some pictures that shows your best features and beauty. After that give us some time and we will get back to you as soon as we review your application.

What EscortsOfSurrey Offer

  • Personal chauffeur at all times
  • Excellent earnings
  • Full security

What Is Required To Become Surrey Escorts:

  • First and most important – you have to be over 18 years of age;
  • You can fit in a dress up to size 12;
  • Clean and tidy, smartly dressed, confident, friendly, attractive, punctual and reliable;

Become a Driver – Chauffeur. Requirements:

  • Full driving licence required;
  • You must have your own car;
  • Satellite navigation system or at least a smart phone with one;
  • Punctuality and reliability.
  • Males only for this position.

Email us you request and pictures of you at Give a short description, show us how you satisfy our requirements and add some personal message. Add your best pictures showing us your beauty.


  • You are legally able to work in the UK or whatever country you are based in.
  • You are of legal age to work in that country.
  • You are self-employed and that you are responsible for your own tax and government payments.

Due to the amount of applicants looking to join our gallery of Surrey escorts we will only be contacting the successful ones. Please don’t feel ignored, we are simple unable to call everyone.

If you do not hear from us within a couple of weeks then I am afraid that you should look at your application as unsuccessful, if this is the case then please review what you have sent us and see where you can make any improvements. You are welcome to apply again with improved pictures and motivational letter.

You do not need to have a professional portfolio or anything similar to submit your details but you will need professional pictures before you start working with us. To be able to promote you on our websites. If you do not have any professional photos of yourself we can and will recommend you some great photographers that we have worked with and are not charging an arm and a leg. We might be able to cover the cost of the professional photo session.

If your application for Surrey escorts with us is successful you are agreeing that we from can use your pictures to promote you on this site or any other website in our control. We may even use your profile and pictures to promote you on other websites that we use to promote our partners, the Surrey escorts.

Just a reminder that our website is a promotional/advertising place for Surrey escorts and not an agency that offer any escort services. In that sense we are not taking any payment from escort’s customers. But we will charge you, the escort a small fee from the bookings that we have arranged for you. Anything sexual implied on this website is purely entertainment and does not represent what we offer. For more details see the Terms and ConditionsDisclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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